November 2017

It's always great to record music...but it's even greater to record music with your friends.  Ultra Vibe and mike davis had the opportunity to head into Newclear studios for a day of recording.  in just a few hours we were able to cut 13 tracks with some friends along for the process.

UV with Mike Davis at Newclear Studios.jpg


September 2017

Here we go again...another bruce tribute Show!!!  I am excited to get to play this music again with a cast of very talented musicians.


Summer 2017

Another great summer has come and gone and I am very thankful to work with the musicians I do.  There were so many highlights with Ultra Vibe, Mike Davis, Murali Coryell, Brian Golden, Glenda Davenport and so last minute summer fun with Skelton Crew.  Great times!


JULY 2017

One of the highlights of this summer so far was a couple of dates with Murali Coryell.  He's a phenomenal guitarist, singer, Song writer and was a blast to perform and hang with.  Hopefully we'll get to do this again real soon.


June 2017

Some great show coming in June that I am super excited for.  I will let the posters speak for themselves:


April 2017

Wow...that was a great way to start April.  Congratulations to friend and musical counterpart Brian Golden on his upcoming wedding in May.  To celebrate his upcoming event Brian brought some of his original music and musical friends to the Lakehouse recording studio in Asbury park, NJ.  we also were honored to welcomed blues icon Michael hill to the session.  Now...that's a bachelors Party!

(L-R: Dan Matlack, Mike Davis, Michael Hill, Brian Golden,  Thomas Westcott, Matt Wade, Byron Cage)

(L-R: Dan Matlack, Mike Davis, Michael Hill, Brian Golden,  Thomas Westcott, Matt Wade, Byron Cage)

March 2017

I love these types of shows...where you get to share the stage and night with some amazing musicians.  It always enhances the experience when you can share your music with an receptive audience and watch a great upcoming band from our area.  Thank you Raibred, Chris and the Cyber (Jeff) for making this happen!

February 2017

February was bass month for sure!  I got an opportunity to see some bass greatness up close.  This was a month of experiences I hope to remember my whole life!  It was incredibly inspiring. 

Winter 16/17

It's truly an honor to be asked to contribute to someone's musical vision.  I had another opportunity to go into the studio with Mike davis and lay down some bass to his fantastic compositions.  Mike and I were friends well before we ever played together musically, which made this process even sweeter.  These are opportunities I never take for granted.  Thank you Mr. Davis!!!

      Steve simmons, Mike Melnyk and I are looking forward to RELEASING our first ORIGINAL album as Ultra Vibe.  this has been an amazing process of writting, developing and recording our material.  We are looking forward to sharing this material.  

Fall 2016

     I was honored to join some of syracuse's best muscians to celebrate bruce springsteen's 67th birthday.  I can't really put to words how fun, worthwhile and rewardng this project was for me.  A huge thanks to jamie Notarthomas for having me for this event.


Summer 2016

     On July 30th I had one of the most amazing experiences of my musical existence.  My bass buddy, Michael Wu, and I set off for Kingston, NY to pick up a bass that Michael and Daniel Tobias made for me.  It was an incredible opportunity to have one of the best bass builders in the universe take my ideas on what I wanted for a four string bass and make it a reality.  It was a surreal day...I don't think I touched the ground :)

     I owe huge thanks to Michael wu, Michael and Daniel Tobias.  I am incredibly grateful!

     It was a blast to use this bass backing up blues legend Michael Hill this summer.  Michael is an incredible musician and person and it was our honor and pleasure to have him up for Chenango County Blues Fest weekend.


Spring 2016

        I really enjoy not only playing music live, but creating music in the studio.  over the past year I have had the chance to get back into a few studios to not only work on my own music with Ultra Vibe, but to support other artists.  This Spring I have had the opportunity to get into the studio with a person that I have been a fan of for a long time, and that person is Tim Ruffo.  Not only is Tim an impressive song writer and storyteller, but he's a great guy.  His son, Nick Ruffo is also an talented hip hop artist and engineer who I have also had a chance to record with recently.  That's quite a talented family.

       I have been spending some time this spring at ATS studio in norwich, NY adding some bottom end on electric and double bass to Mike davis's new studio project (  Rumor has it...this one's going to be a double album. 

       Life is good!

(pictured:  Chad Dean, Thomas Westcott, Tim Ruffo, Nick Ruffo)  

(pictured:  Chad Dean, Thomas Westcott, Tim Ruffo, Nick Ruffo)


(Thomas Westcott, Michael Sepello, Mike Davis)

(Thomas Westcott, Michael Sepello, Mike Davis)

   March will also mark the return of Eric divito ( to the binghamton area.  I will be luck enough to be backing up eric as he passes through our area on his way to Canada for a tour.  catch eric at moxie in conklin, NY on st. Patrick's day at 7pm.  If you like jazz don't miss this show.