The Gear...

This is my main bass...a MTD Saratoga 4-24.  Here's some of the specs on this amazing instrument:

  • Ash Body

  • Maple neck

  • birdseye Maple Fretboard

  • 24 Frets

  • Aguilar OBp-3

  • Aguilar hum Canceling jazz Pickups

  • Hipshot tuners with a detuner on the e string


my amplifier and cabinets of choice are the aguilar tone hammer 500 and the sl 1X12's.  I currently play a cremona 3/4 upright bass, a mtd kingston saratoga 5 string with lindy Frailin jazz pickups and a MTD Kingston Z 4 string fretless as my back up electric basses. My pedal board changes all the time...but my staples are a TC Electronics tuner, Electro Harmonix POG, BOSS OC-2,  mxr bass envelope filter, TC Electronic flashback delay, a TC Electronics ditto looper and a Dunlop Volume mini.